Random "Grab-Bag" of 400+ Loose Cards, Rares, Foils from multiple series

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This is for 400+ on average loose cards from a large multitude of series including Weiss Schwarz, Chaos TCG, Seig Krone, Level.Neo, Victory Spark, Prism Connect, Precious Memories, Etc.  We used weight to pack these, not counting every one, so quantity will vary.  Every grab-bag is close to 2 lbs.  

There will be no signed cards.  However; rares, foils, super rares, super super rares, and any others cards are included at random!  Every box is going to contain a good number of rare cards!  We packed these "grab bags" very generously!  Even promo cards that you only get buying sealed booster boxes are being randomly included.  

These "grab bags" are repackaged in old booster boxes to the brim.  Some lucky persons with get an "Infinite Stratos" hard box that has about 20% more than the other boxes (4x of those available out of a total 45 lots).

If you get a box, record yourself opening them!  We'd love to see it!

For a video of us opening one at random, check this out: