Sankarea - Ultimate sketch set of Rea Sanka - "Daddy's Portrait"

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Ultimate sketch set of Rea Sanka, the creepy "Daddy's Portrait" scene!  For any fan of the series, this genga/douga production sketch set may likely be the most sought after scene in all of the series history.  Even includes studio folder, and a couple production reference copies including a color-copy from the actual scene.

Please check the images for any flaws carefully.  Large oversized production sketches such as these will have it's share of flaws.  

*Spoilers*  If you're familiar with the scene, Rea's dad is very creepy and overly-attached to his daughter.  Even makes her do a "nude portrait" on her birthday every year.  Something she, rightfully, is disgusted with and does reluctantly/against her will.

All original cels, genga, douga, hankens, etc., are one of a kind pieces!  Keep in mind original production art can contain minor flaws.  Any major damage or issues will be listed in the description.  Artwork cannot be returned or refunded.